Friday, August 11, 2017

Pets on Quilts 2017 at LilyPad Quilting

August is finally here.  Check out the BEST quilt show on Earth!!  The fun is happening at LilyPad Quilting.  Submit your entries from August 10th - 29th.  After that, voting will happen.  Stay tuned...  Again, there are lots of GREAT sponsors with GREAT prizes. 
This year I am entering the category "other animal on quilt".  The linky party is here.
Here is my chicken, Speck, checking out a piece of melon on my fall harvest table topper.  Blondie looks on.
 My ducks were quite popular last year.  I can't resist to post the pic from 2016 Pets on Quilts:



  1. Good luck! Chickens AND ducks?? Just how many kinds of animals do you have??

  2. You chickens look so happy, love how red the combs look in the photo. The ducks are all checking you out in the photo, too funny!

  3. Some of those ducks look like they're wearing mascara... 8)
    Love the chickens on a quilt!

  4. Loved last years ducks and the chickens are a hoot too!

  5. Great photo, love the intense stare of one chicken to the other!

  6. Looks like your chickens are having a fun picnic!! Sweet!!